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If you or a loved one has been charged with a DWI or DUI in Virginia, you need to have proven, knowledgeable, yet caring counsel by your side to help you overcome any entanglement you find yourself in with Virginia's criminal court system...because IN ADDITION TO "up to 1 year in jail for a first & second offense, and up to 5 years for a third offense, a DWI or DUI in Virginia can now land you:

...Plus Additional Costs & Penalties In Some Cases!

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What Separates Us From Other Criminal Law Firms?

At The Irving Law Firm, your case, your life and you - are not just numbers in our filing cabinet. We root our firm's culture on providing true value to every person that walks through the doors of our offices in need of help.

Our core foundational strengths are exceptional results and our strong, positive reputation that we built on resilient family based values that extend throughout our service to each and every one of our clients. Along with our proven results, you can rely on a compassionate team that truly cares about you, your outcome, and your future.

At The Irving Law Firm, we truly believe that in the difficult circumstances which force people to seek out legal counsel, that their defender has fully accepted as true that every person is innocent throughout a potential trial or investigation, and fights for their inherent constitutional rights.

YOUR rights, YOUR satisfaction, YOUR future AND the best possible resolution to YOUR case are the pillars of standard that we strive to achieve and fulfill to the fullest!

Why Should You Hire Us For Your DUI & DWI Defense?

The Irving Law Firm makes sure that your interests come first; we are, first and foremost, your personal and dedicated advocates against felony and misdemeanor DUI & DWI charges brought forth against you in any Virginia court room!

Our team provides our clients the inventive and original, out-of-the-box defenses and strategies, and the necessary thorough examination of your specific evidence to contest any and all DUI & DWI related charges. Our team has decades of combined DUI & DWI court-room experience and favorable results to match, and we know precisely how the Virginia prosecution works, how to aggressively exploit any weakness in DUI cases and use them to your advantage. We won't and we don't rest, until we achieve the best possible resolution for your case, and we always seek the best possible result.

We understand that it's not only your reputation on the line, but also your future and your freedom! When you are faced with a dire consequence of a DUI offense, let The Irving Law Firm's diligent and highly regarded team make the decades of their combined, unparalleled state and federal court room negotiation experience, totaling thousands of successful criminal defenses - work for you!

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Our law firm is more than a business, it is a family enterprise. We bring a sense of care and compassion to our clients, and we believe that people and their families matter most. That's why we will strive to take the time to empathize on a personal level with you, as well as your loved ones.

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The Irving Law Firm has proudly been serving the Manassas, Prince William County, Fairfax, & surrounding areas of Northern Virginia for over 10 years.

Our firm was built with two underlying principles in mind: making sure that you have a clear and full understanding of the law and the complexity of your situation, in combination with the superior legal representation of our full staff. That is what makes us one of the top choices among criminal law firms in the state of Virginia.

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